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Custom Home Design Services

Start from your dreams, start from scratch. 

There’s few things in life as exciting as designing your home, having your home built, and living a great life in your custom home.

At CDAHomePlans.com, we help our clients visualize, and design their homes from start to finish. Our process has been refined over the last 30 years of working with homeowners, builders, and developers to create the homes that stand the test of time.

Our Custom Design Process consists of the following elements:

  • Initial meeting
    • Custom home wants and needs
    • Budgeting/financing
    • Property analysis
  • Preliminary layout
    • 2D CAD layout of the exterior and interior walls for square footage calculations, and initial budget estimation
    • Design acceptance (once the exterior walls and bearing walls are agreed up, it is very difficult to change those walls later due to the nature of a 3D house plan)
  • Elevation and design meeting
    • Floor plan often dictates roof systems that are a key component to elevations and design elements
    • This design element often consists of a series of sketches to illustrate different design approaches
  • 3D design presentation
    • The home plan is presented in 3D for further examination and design critique
    • The 3D model does not contain elevation and design elements
    • This is the opportunity to change the 3D design and stay within the initial design quote/price sheet
    • Acceptance and discussion of design elements such as columns, corbels, windows, and other detail
  • Final Construction Plan Set

Redrafting Design Services

Redrafting an existing home plan is a common experience. Often, clients will have purchased an online house plan and realize that it will require substantial modifications to secure a permit and build. Or, perhaps they own a favorite home plan from a prior build, or a friend’s build.

The key issue is ownership of the hosue plan. Make certain you have the legal right to the home plan. 

The actual process is similar to designing a custom home, except streamlined as the house plan has already been designed. 

Can We Design Online?


The complete design process can be completed with our online video meeting process. 

Whether you live across the country, or prefer an online video meeting format, we can tailor our meetings to your desire.

What is included in the Blue Prints?

A set of blue prints from CDAHomePlans.com are crafted from the final 3D model. Standard plans include the following pages:

  • Front cover sheet
    • Project information
    • 3D rendered house plan
    • Illustrated floor plans
    • 3D sections
  • Elevation Sheets
    • Scaled front, back, right, and left elevations
    • Fully detailed with floor, plate, roof heights
  • Foundation page
  • Foundation framing page (if required)
  • Main floor plan fully detailed
  • Second floor plan fully detailed (if required)
  • Brace walls
  • Roof plan
  • Electrical plan(s)
  • Schedule sheet of windows, doors and cabinets
  • Supporting documentation page

What is not included and why?

  • Engineered systems by others (HVAC, floor systems and trusses)
    • HVAC, floor systems and trusses are engineered by the vendors that supply those material
  • General engineering that may be required due to height, window, unusual brace wall requirements, property slope issues and proximity to water and other restricted areas, and general requirements per jurisdiction that require an engineering stamp.
  • Standard header and beam sizing. We will insert standard header and beam sizes over windows, doors, etc., however – your homebuilder will likely use their favorite material for such type of headers and beam systems.

Frequently Asked

Copyright issues

Federal copyright law is strict and uncompromising. Federal legislation and common law protect the individual/entity that created the original work. Violating a copyright house plan carries heavy damages. Typically, all profit and proceeds from the home will be the penalty.

Due to copyright laws, CDAHousePlans.com maintains a strict policy on copyright infringement.

  • Clients cannot bring in a copy of a floor plan that they like
  • Any reference material needs to be hand drawn (we’ve actually designed custom homes from a napkin design)
  • A mutual indemnification agreement protecting both parties is part of our draft contract

Please inquire for more information. 

How to control cost?

Controlling cost in the design stage is a critical component in designing and building your custom home.

As a homebuilder/developer, and home designer, we have an advantage over other architects and home designers in that we build (and sale) our homes. That means the home design must be great, the construction/materials are cost effective, and the price point is correct. 

Price is a component on the type of home design (single story versus two story, etc), and the square footage. Then, the cost of the upgrades are added.

Most labor and material cost will be based on square footage. A secret in great home design and price point is to control the square footage (no wasted square footage) and design the house in a manner that creates the feeling and ambience of a larger home. Bring in the outdoors through large windows and exterior spaces is a good example.

How long does the design and blueprint phase take?

Time to design and draft the construction documents vary due to the client and our workload. 

Some client’s know exactly what they want and the initial design stage moves fairly quickly. Some clients need to explore different floor plan options. By using our CAD systems and developing the 2D floorplan first, we can make significant changes quickly and efficiently. The most important element is you! You must love your floor plan prior to going into the 3D design stage (or, we have to start over if bearing walls are changed in the 3D design stage).

Workload is the other factor in design time. We typically only work with several clients at a time to provide the best service possible. Scheduling the design period is important!

Actual time from first meeting to final plans can be as quick as 4 weeks. Typically, it will be longer with design changes and modifications. The blue print stage will be approximately 3 weeks.


Can you provide a plot plan?

A plot plan is not included in the standard pricing. Plot plans are often created by the homebuilder with their permit submittal.

However, we can create a plot plan that places the house in the correct location and with the 3D ground terrain. Please inquire for more information.

Payment Process

Payment for a redraft or a new custom home plan is paid in three phases and the estimated cost will be discussed in the first meeting. The first payment is prior to starting the design work, the second payment is at time of the 2D floorplan acceptance, and the final payment is at time of blue print completion.

The final price will often be adjusted to the final square footage number.

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