Custom Home Design

Custom Home Building

Custom Home Plan Design/Drafting

Over 1,000  custom homes designed and built in the Pacific Northwest with 30 years of custom home design experience

Custom Homebuilding

Building your custom home with Sullivan Homes PNW starts with great house plan design and our online homebuilding App

House Plans and Design

Employing state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems and years of home building experience, you can view and walk through your home before it’s built

Process Management

From land development to custom construction, we guide our clients through the construction chaos and make homebuilding fun and cost effective

Construction Financing

Financing your project is a crucial step in building your custom home. Our construction lenders are the best and we can help with the  documentation

Custom Construction

Designing custom homes to custom home construction, Sullivan Homes PNW has decades of experience in custom homebuilding and management

Why 3D Plan Design?

A two-dimensional floor plan can never capture the true space, feel, and flow of a home. Very few people can visualize a 3-dimensional home from a 2-dimensional blue print. With our 3D home plans, you can visualize with fully rendered imaging any location in the home, including the exterior views. Insert furniture, move walls and windows, change kitchen locations – all in a full 3D world.
We build every home in the 3D world before the concrete is poured and lumber and nails are wasted.

Process Management?

Construction Process Management is the management of the entire sequence of activities that comprise building a home. Unlike project management that solely manages the construction of the project, process management includes lending, property analysis, home design, homebuilder selection, pricing, and the construction activities. Our online BuilderToolbox and HomeBook helps the homeowner and the homebuilder, while archiving all data.

House Plan & Process Management Packages

Existing House Plan Redraft

Have an existing house plan? We re-build the house plan in 3D with real world imaging and construction documentation.

More Details

If you have an existing house plan/blue prints and are interested in having those plans rebuilt in a state-of-the-art 3D CAD system, CDAHousePlans.com is the solution.

  • $1.25 per square foot redrafting fee based on living space
    • Includes main floor
    • Second floor
    • Finished lower level
  • $.50 per square foot for garage space
  • 3D rendered model for exterior and interior spaces (4 each)
  • Eagle Eye viewing
  • Construction blue prints
    • Cover page
    • Floor plans
    • Brace walls
    • Electrical layouts
    • Door and window schedules
    • Misc. documentation
  • NOTE: must have proven house plan ownership. Indemnity agreement for potential copyright infringement required

$1.25 per s.f.

Custom Home Design

Start fresh with a custom home plan created for you and your unique property. From initial concept to completed blue prints.

More Details

Custom home plans and blueprints are designed in a state-of-the-art 3D CAD system. CDAHousePlans.com is the solution to high priced architects and designers.

  • $2.25 per square foot based on living space
    • Includes main floor
    • Second floor
    • Finished lower level
    • Additional space
  • $.75 per square foot for garage space
  • $.50 per square foot for elevated deck space
  • 3D rendered model for exterior and interior spaces (4 +)
  • Eagle Eye viewing
  • Construction blue prints
    • Cover page
    • Floor plans
    • Brace walls
    • Floor, roof, wall framing layouts
    • Brace walls calculations (note: brace walls may need specific engineering stamps)
    • Electrical layouts
    • Door and window schedules
    • Misc. construction documentation
  • NOTE: please do not provide copyright plans for comparisons or ideas. Copyright law is complex and infringement can be expensive.
  • Payment:
    • 1/3 at start of the design (based an a mutually agreed square footage)
    • 1/3 at acceptance of the 2D design
    • 1/3 at completion
  • Options:
    • 2D Plot Plan $350
      • Requires full plat map with all bearing, dimensions, etc.
    • 3D Terrain Mapping and Plot Plan
      • $125 per hour (approximate 10 hours to build and requires 2′ topo maps and tree maps)
    • Full 3D Rendering and Design Services $125 per hour billed every week

$2.25 per s.f.

Construction Management

The construction proess can be chaotic and expensive. With our online tools and advocacy, enjoy your build!

More Details

Construction management can assist the homeowner in the complex management of their construction project, homebuilder selection, product selections, and quality control. Proper construction management will save time and money while avoiding potential issues in the construction of your custom home.

Standard Construction Management Services include:

  • Blueprint corrections (homebuilder redlines)
  • Onboarding and deployment of the CDAhomeplans.com Project Management Software (a complete suite of online tools designed for the homebuilder and homeowner to manage Schedules, Communications, Selections, Change Orders, Photos, and Actuals vs Estimates)
  • Assistance in homebuilder selection and bidding
  • Construction contract review
  • Construction loan comparison
  • Site-walk and analysis
  • Foundation/elevation placement
  • Monthly billing review
  • Framing walk-thru with homeowner for quality control
  • Third party arbitrator for homebuilder/homeowner issues
  • Final walk-thru representation

Additional services are avaliable upon request.


  • 1/3 at time of start
  • 1/3 at time of framing walk-thru
  • 1/3 at time of completion

1% contract price

About Me

I’ve always loved home design and construction. After graduating from Gonzaga Law School, I took a road less traveled and started Sullivan Homes.
My first build was for my grandmother.
Over the years I built Sullivan Homes to the second largest homebuilder in the region.
Concentrating on quality construction, land development, custom and production housing, and 3D CAD systems – I built approximately 1,000 homes from Tri-Cities, Spokane, CDA, Hayden, and Sandpoint, ID in the last thirty years.
Along the way, I built an Extreme Home Makeover with Ty Pennington on national television (5 days, 1,200 volunteers), the Big Give with Oprah Winfrey, and founded the Extreme Team with Mark Peterson and KXLY.
I still build homes with Sullivan Homes, and I’m also a founder for NewHomes.house (technology company).
As a homebuilder and developer, I always designed my homes – myself. With thirty years experience in home design and construction process management, my passion is sharing my experience and helping my clients design and build the home of their dreams. There is nothing more satisfying.

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Call or text direct at (208) 755-1017 or email at todd@cdahomeplans.com

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