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What is Construction Management Process and Why is it Important?.

Often, homebuilders and construction professionals will talk about project management. Let’s start there and explain why it is only part of the complete management process.

What is Construction Project Management?

Construction project management refers to the actual project being managed. Not the complete process. Homebuilders use a variety of tools to help manage a construction project. The most common homebuilder tool is actually a notepad and a cell phone.

Most homebuilders construct less than 6 projects a year and have 5, or less, employees. They do not have the technology background, or interest, in expensive construction management software with steep learning curves.

For the homebuilders that do use a software-based project management system, an excel spreadsheet or Microsoft project management system is the norm. Very few homebuilders utilize an online project management system.

Core components for Project Management

  • Scheduling System
    • All scheduling activities should be interconnected
    • Moving one scheduled even moves all other associated events
    • Start and end dates are constantly updating
  • Standard Selections and Change Orders
    • Every item that the homeowner may select should be identified as a “standard selection”
    • A standard Change Order system should track all items that the homeowner changes from the standard selection to the changed item
    • Change Order system should inform the homeowner of all changes and track the cost and payment of such items

What is Construction Process Management?

Construction process management is the systematic management of all items relating to the financing, design, selections, scheduling, documents, photos/videos, subcontractor, allowance, and communications between the homebuilder and the homeowner during the course of construction. Post construction items, such as warranties, call-backs, and archiving should be part of the process.

To clearly communicate the construction process management, the system should incorporate the homeowner with an online system for ease of use and access.

Why is Construction Management important?

You’ve heard the horror stories regarding building a home. Not understanding the floor plans, confusion over what is a standard item and what is an upgrade (and the cost of the upgrade), poor scheduling, wrong products installed, and conflicts between the homeowner and the homebuilder.

Most conflicts in homebuilding can be avoided with proper construction process management. Construction Process Management provides a complete construction process management system for clients who are going to finance, design, and build a custom home.

As an advocate for you and your project with decades of residential construction experience and state-of-the-art construction process management tools, we make the construction process enjoyable and fun.

Our typical construction process management program includes the following:

  • Online Construction Process Management Software
    • Online BuilderToolbox that provides the master control interface for all activities
      • Job setup and associated information
      • Interactive scheduling of all activities in Gantt chart, or by the day/month viewing
      • Task list
      • Selection and Allowance storefront that has an image library of all the standard items in your project and pre-priced options* along with the allowance amounts for key selections
      • Active Change Order system that ensures all changes are documented prior to ordering and all changes are priced and paid for prior to installation. Never fear a large bill from your homebuilder at the end of the project for items changed during construction
      • Communication portal that captures all communication and subsequent decisions to minimize confusion
      • Photo/video center that captures daily photos and archives that information for future reference
      • Document center to store all contracts, blueprints, change orders, title and lending data, warranties, and other important information during and after the construction
      • Online access all the time, and from anywhere
    • HomeBook
      • An application software that creates a website for your property, your build.
      • Viewable 24/7, the HomeBook stays with the property indefinitely and provides access to all the information gathered during the construction project
      • From appliance warranties, photos, selections, colors, grout, plumbing, and the hundreds of other selections and changes, your HomeBook will provide an essential tool in managing the information and is a valuable tool if you ever sale your home in the future
    •  Services
      • Property analysis
      • Blueprint “redlines” (review of the final blueprints for potential issues or missing information
      • Construction loan advisement
      • Homebuilder selection and advisement
      • Contract and selections/allowance review
      • BuilderToolbox and HomeBook setup and deployment
      • House placement and elevation advisement
      • Frame walk-thru
      • Final walk-thru
      • Conflict mitigation
      • BuilderToolbox and HomeBook closeout

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Frequently Asked

What is the cost? charges 1% of the construction contract price for our construction process management services and software.

Will my homebuilder agree?

A homebuilder should be agreeable if they understand our services, how it can assist them in their operations, how they can utilize our systems for future builds, and if they know up front.

During the homebuilder selection and interview is the proper time to notify a homebuilder that you have retained our services.

How many months do you help?

Designing, financing, and building a custom home takes time. It’s not uncommon for the process to last a full year, or more. 

We are with you every step of the way. From the start – to the end. However long it takes to make certain your custom homebuilding experience is positive and your home is stunning.

What if I have a conflict with my homebuilder?

A primary goal in construction process management is to avoid conflicts. Most conflicts between the homebuilder and homeowner originate from poor documentation, confusing communication, and bad planning.

Our services greatly diminish those issues. 

However, if there is a conflict, we represent you. It’s our goal to provide a mutually beneficial solution to the problem, however we do have extensive legal experience that can benefit a situation that’s taken a turn for the worse.

Do you provide additional services?

We absoutely can provide additional services to our clients. Give us a call and let’s talk about your needs.

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